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Newsletter 35
September 2018

AMES CAMO celebrates 10 years

This year AMES CAMO is celebrating its 10th anniversary! With over 1000 transitions performed by our highly qualified staff in the past 10 years, the team has proven its skills to our leasing and airline customers.
Our CAMO holds approvals for 56 different aircraft types for airworthiness reviews, including permit to fly. The AMES group is proud of our CAMO team and their achievements since 2008!

Icelandair B737 MAX

AMES designed, certified and delivered the first PSUmounted Class Divider for the Saga Class onboard Icelandair’s brand new B737 MAX fleet.

The divider integrates perfectly into the modern Boeing Sky Interior and provides a discrete separation between the booking classes. Besides the PSU divider, AMES is currently also developing other interior products for the B737 MAX that will be launched soon. For details please contact our sales team!

AIX Americas

AMES will be attending the AIX Americas in Boston between 25-27th of September. We are looking forward to seeing our customers and having many interesting meetings!

If you are looking for an appointment, please contact us via services@ames.co.at.

Download AMES High 35

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