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Newsletter 2
October 2010

First of all we want to thank you for a large number of positive and encouraging feedbacks to our first issue of “AMES high”.

In this second issue we want to draw your attention to a new and in our industry unique functionality of our website.

Every aircraft project start is slow and has a number of administrative burdens to overcome. A clear picture of the scope and a detailed quotation within a short timeframe are obvious advantages. With our new service it only takes 5 clicks and you will receive an offer within days.

This feature provides an overview of the variety of our services and products and will give you a tool to receive an offer or quotation within two working days, study LOPAS within only one. If we do not have a clear picture of your needs, or you are not sure of the product or service required, we will immediately get in contact with you.

Please give it a try: 5 clicks

Download AMES High 2

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