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Newsletter 37
February 2019

AMES Production Approval since 2009

This year we celebrate the 10th birthday of our EASA POA. We are now able to support YOU, our customers with hardware for your cabin and passenger requirements and are proud to continue the high level of Customer Service that AMES is well known for.
With over 1200 deliveries to our customers during this period, our product portfolio has grown to cover a multitude of cabin systems that we have been requested to provide. We are now able to satisfy customer needs from fast cabin changes, complete retrofit programs to customised additional cabin requirements like MCDs, placards, cargo bags or complete crew rest systems. All are now in our portfolio today.

New Products

We are constantly increasing our product range for various aircraft types and designs.

Latest additions to our standard AMES products are the new Airbus A320 family MCD and a certified smart glass windscreen for a customer project.

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