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AMES Consulting and Training

AMES Consulting and Training GmbH provides a wide range of consulting and training services in various fields of aviation.

We offer our professional experience of 20+ years in different areas of international aviation. These services include EASA Part 21 J and G, EASA Part M Subpart G and I requirements as well as many other areas.

"Our extensive aviation experience for your projects"

Please find below some examples:

  • EASA Part 21 J and G
  • EASA Part M Subpart G and I
  • EN/AS 9100
  • Initial- and continuation training
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Aviation Law and contractual specifics (liability, indemnity, leases, financing)
  • Financing and public funding for aerospace projects
  • Cooperation and risk sharing opportunities for aviation projects
  • Aviation terminology
  • Governmental affairs