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Newsletter 15
September 2013

New Products

We were pleased at the excellent response to the presentation of our new products at the last Hamburg Interiors Expo in April. We have received many enquiries and a large number of orders from our valued customers for AMES products, which are delivered with EASA Form 1 in the shortest lead time in the industry.

AMES Ireland

We are further developing our presence in Dublin through our office at Dublin Airport which aims to provide local customer support as well as CAMO and DOA services. As of September the 23rd David Tierney will be your Customer Support Manager in Dublin. David has a long aviation experience and was working for the last 5 years as a Quality Assurance Engineer. David holds an Airworthiness Review Privilege.

Contact: Hangar 5, Dublin Airport, Phone +353 1 8126190, david.tierney@ames.co.at

After completing a year of intensive training in Austria, our two colleagues will be transferred back to AMES Ireland in the early months of 2014. In July this year, Aaron Togher - our fourth Irish colleague - joined our DOA Team in Peggau.

Partition including stowage with illuminated/exchangeable logo

AMES Design Organization

AMES is proud of being one of the first DOA service organizations approved by EASA eight years ago. The AMES team has completed more than 550 successful certification projects. We are happy of being able to support our customers using this unique pool of experience with EASA certification services.


AMES CAMO has extended its scope to include the Boeing 777. In addition our team of qualified engineers has continued to grow with the addition of Klaus Böhmer who has 18 years experience in various aviation sectors. Within one year we have been able to increase our qualified CAMO staff by 25%.

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